Landscapes Shaped by Water - Yellowstone

These photographs were taken this past August in Yellowstone National Park. Erosion caused from water can create absolutely stunning landscapes, as seen beautifully here in America's first National Park. I personally love photographing anything that involves water; it instantly makes any scene more intriguing to me. Yellowstone is dotted with lakes, rivers, and streams so I got my fair share of time photographing good 'ol H20! 

Below is an image of me taken at Grand Teton National Park, the next door neighbor to Yellowstone.


Ionic Light

Okay, so I do not "nerd out" about architecture and design enough with all of you! This past week I have been out late at night shooting on my home campus of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. It has been a unique experience; capturing such a large campus in the quiet hours of night. In this series, I was exploring the Ionic Columns which line the front of the prized Northrop Auditorium building. Playing with the light and how it interacted with the columns was a blast, however the -16 degree windchill (fahrenheit) just about froze me! Thankfully I think that I got some quality images.

What do you think? Which image(s) are your favorite? Also, below is a picture of me while I was shooting (a big thank you goes to my girlfriend who willingly comes with on my photo adventures even when its blisteringly cold out!).


A Colorful, Flowering World

We are blessed with the beauty of flowers and all that they do for wildlife, the environment, and the enjoyment that they bring us people. From smell to visual appeal they truly make our world a more beautiful and interesting place. These photographs are of some various species of flowering plants, all taken in different areas of California. Which one is your favorite?

P.S. I cannot wait for it to be warm outside soon! The frigid temperatures of a Minnesota winter are starting to take its toll...



As night fell on Loring Park - the largest park located near downtown Minneapolis - I was doing my best to capture the sights in the frigid weather. The benches in the park made for interesting subjects, albeit nonliving ones. It is incredible how important the snow and ice are in these compositions; adding to the overall feel of the scenes. For those of you from warmer climates, I will let you know that while out shooting the windchill was below 0 degrees fahrenheit!


Broken Hearts

I photographed this "I Love You" teddy bear after coming across it at a local dumpster recently. It makes one wonder what the heartbreaking story is behind the two people who used to bring it to life with their affections for each other.


Small Town Exploration in Black and White

Hi everyone, I did not want text to distract you as you looked through these photographs, so here it is at the end of the post. I took these while walking through a small town in Southern Minnesota. I absolutely love shooting in black and white but rarely publish them for all of you to see (just a coincidence, it is not intentional I promise!). I personally love the honesty of small communities and the value of relationships that are formed within a small town. It is truly a beautiful thing and I hope that I captured it here.